I have had the pleasure of working with Linda Lee. She has excelled in her business as a scopist! I am sharing here a recommendation and a follow-up email. Linda Lee finished the training and received her Certificate of Completion: October 26, 2016.


The following letter was written by Linda Lee and submitted to Julie Samford, Lead Trainer at Advantage Software. Advantage Software is the company which developed Total Eclipse Software and continues to develop and update for technology advancement.

Hello, Julie,

I hope you're enjoying a lovely fall.

Over the summer, I purchased the Total Eclipse editing station with the goal of starting a scoping business. After receiving the software, it quickly became apparent that hiring a trainer would serve me well in getting up to speed as quickly as possible. (I was transitioning over from DigitalCat.)

After doing some online research, I enlisted the services of Teri Gibson of Gibson, Realtime Reporting and enrolled in her Total Eclipse beginner training course. The sessions began in early August. Having just completed the 10-session course, I can wholeheartedly and unreservedly state that Teri Gibson is a “TE” – Trainer Extraordinaire! With 17 years’ experience in Total Eclipse, Teri’s command of the complex CAT software
is truly outstanding.

Combining her extensive software knowledge with a teaching style that allowed me to easily grasp the concepts being taught, Teri is an effective and engaging instructor. Since Teri also possesses the heart of a teacher, she infused her knowledge of Total Eclipse's far-reaching features with a contagious sense of enthusiasm and excitement that made our sessions enjoyable as well as productive. And Teri's technical expertise allowed us to successfully meet over the Internet in the comfort of our own homes, which was a major convenience and time-saver.

One of the highlights of Teri's course was my introduction to Connection Magic. Recognizing how valuable this feature would be to me as a scopist, Teri showed me how to connect to her during a few of her work assignments. I enjoyed these sessions tremendously and know how valuable Connection Magic will be when I market my scoping services to the reporting community. Finally, Teri is deeply invested in my success and shared a treasure trove of knowledge and wisdom amassed over 30 years of court reporting, which will further contribute to my success in the scoping arena.

For these reasons and many more, I heartily endorse Teri Gibson's Total Eclipse beginner training course. In fact, if she ever decides to offer an intermediate level module, I would sign up in a heartbeat.

Thank you for the opportunity to sing Teri's praises. She is truly an invaluable tool in Advantage Software's arsenal.


Linda Lee

Barrington, RI

UPDATE - JUNE 7 2017

I sent an email to Linda Lee to check her progress as a scopist. I was happy to hear of her progress. Here is her response.

Hi, Teri.

I'm happy to report that my business is booming. In fact, I'm in the middle of scoping daily copy for a two-week trial in CA. I've also been landing great jobs in Connection Magic, scoping and proofreading, in addition to a steady supply of expedites. So busy right now that free time is rare, but it's all good. :)

I owe this, of course, to your fabulous training. And marketing, as you mentioned, is key. ;)

Attached is the recommendation I sent to Julie. She immediately wrote back and said that she was going to offer you the opportunity to do a training seminar at their convention, if I recall correctly.

If you need anything more, just let me know.

All good wishes,