Gibson Skill Development and Training Center  

- Court Reporting and Total Eclipse Training: 

Courses developed regarding court reporting and Total Eclipse Training are based on the years of experience as a Professional Court Reporter and CART Provider. We continue to increase our learning and development by participating in continuing education courses with the National Court Reporters Association, and online professional business courses.

Where indicated, you can receive a certificate of completion that may be used in some cases as support or demonstrate a level of competence in a skill, knowledge, or practical application of a skill. In some cases, you may be able to apply for CEU (Continuing Education Credit). Check with your organization or crediting body to see if you would qualify for CEU credits. 

We do not guarantee CEU or employment as a result of taking any course on this website. 

By checking the agreement to terms of service, you agree that you are of legal age to participate in these courses.  You understand that it's recommended that you have gained some knowledge and understanding of court reporting, and stenographic basic skills, but not required in order to sign up and participate in training provided by the Gibson Skill Development and Training Center. 

In order to participate in Total Eclipse Training, it's required that you know how to read stenographic notes. (See exceptions below.) 

You understand that Total Eclipse Training that is provided by Gibson Skill Development and Training Center is geared toward stenographic writers, and if you decide to participate as a voice writer, you will participate to learn the basic foundation of Total Eclipse Training. The trainer will make efforts to accommodate voice writers and make a referral when needed. 


Programs developed regarding Biblical studies are based on, Bible Course Training, experience as a Christian Sunday School Teacher of over 20 years. Continued study through online professional development as a Professional Christian Life Coach and living the Christian Lifestyle. These courses are for personal development, enrichment, and for those who want a Biblical perspective on living the Christian Lifestyle. Where indicated, you can receive a certificate of completion. This certificate may be used in some cases as support or demonstrate a level of competence in a Biblical subject area or personal development skill. 

Ministry- Biblical courses are based on the King James Version of the Bible, unless stated otherwise. 

Courses are developed for the adult learner. 

By checking that you agree to the terms of service, you agree that taking these courses do not guarantee CEUs or positions or employment in any ministry. 

Terms of services can change without notice. So check back often for changes and updates. 

Each course has a price associated with it and will be indicated. By checking the agreement to terms of service, you agree to prices charged and nonrefundable. 

By checking the agreement to terms of service, you agree not to copy and share content unless allowed by Teri C. Gibson, owner of Gibson Realtime Reporting, by Gibson Skill Development and Training Center and tgWordMinistry. 


Business Life Coach - Where appropriate during training, the principles of business will be implemented, related to the field of court reporting and CART Provider/CART Captioner. 

Christian Lifestyle Coach - Fresh Start developed by Teri Gibson (c) 2017. 


I agree to abide by this organization's Student Policies and Procedures. I have downloaded and read the Student Policies (link at top of the home page) and will adhere to them. I understand that if a particular program's procedures are not outlined within this agreement, I will comply with trainer instructions and those I receive on the participation pages. Gibson Skill Development and Training/tgWordMinistry International (effective July 18, 2017) does not give refunds however according to terms stated at its own discretion, may re-allocate payment made towards another course offered by Gibson Skill Development and Training. There are no refunds for any webinar memberships. I further understand and agree I will not receive my certification(s), where it's applicable until I have met all my coursework and financial obligations under this agreement. I also understand and agree that the training materials provided to me are solely for MY use, are copyrighted and may not be shared with another individual. Confidentiality is critical to this industry and should Gibson Skill Development and Training/tgWordMinistry, International, learn that I have shared, sold or otherwise disseminated any of my training materials, there may be legal penalties as well as my certification may be jeopardized. I am voluntarily agreeing to the policies and procedures, in agreement with this statement to take effect immediately.