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Learn how to get help! | Teacher/Coach Teri Gibson, Coach and Trainer

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Teri Gibson, Coach and Trainer
Teri Gibson, Coach and Trainer
Authorized Total Eclipse Trainer

About the instructor

Welcome to Gibson Skill Development and Training Center!

Our focus here is to offer courses, training and membership sites for personal, spiritual, and professional development.

Our Vision and Mission:

Vision:  We envision a world in which people are transformed to live courageously and overcome their fears as they learn about the character of God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  We have a passion to teach through the leading and power of the Holy Spirit, biblical principles and values through the creation of courses, PowerPoints, and webinars.  Our goal is to edify, exhort, comfort, and promote growth in biblical principles and values.  These courses will also promote business and personal growth.  Scripture references:  Ephesians 4:11, 12 and I John 4:9 (KJV).

Mission:  To accomplish the vision, we teach courses that promote biblical principles and values.  We also focus on business courses and personal growth.  We will share at our church, in the community, and social media.  We will use the Zoom platform for meetings and webinars.  We use the platform to create and store courses created.  Creation of books and journals will be assigned to courses or webinars.  Christian Life Coaching for groups and one-on-one coaching are available.

Certification received from the Professional Christian Coaching and Counseling Academy, Cape Coral, Florida, USA:  Christian Life Coach Certification

Certification received from the Beautiful Life International, LLC. Cape Coral, Florida, USA:  Certified Professional Life Coach


Teri Gibson,  RPR, CRR, CRC, CRI
Professional Court Reporter, CART Captioner, and Authorized Total Eclipse Trainer. 

Teri Gibson began her career as a Professional Court Reporter in 1981.  Through the years, the technology of the Total Eclipse Software has continued to improve and has allowed Court Reporters to work also as a CART Provider.  Therefore, in 2001, she expanded her services to include CART Captions as a CART Provider for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

In 2016, she saw a need for basic training and became an Authorized Total Eclipse Trainer and created this platform to work with Total Eclipse users so that they can have a strong foundation using the Total Eclipse Software. 

Teri Gibson has used the Total Eclipse  Software as a Court Reporter in the Federal Court, State Court, and deposition reporting.  As a CART Captioner, she has also used the Total Eclipse Software as a CART Captioner in Superior Court, community events, church services, funerals, colleges, universities, etc.

This trainer will help you build a firm foundation using the Total Eclipse Software so that you can produce transcripts efficiently, on an expedited basis and daily copy.  You will learn how to use Connection Magic and work in teams.


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This Webinar of Total Eclipse Training gives you an opportunity to learn about "How to Get Help" in the Total Eclipse Software and meet your trainer!  Our goal is to provide training for the visual learner.  You learn best by hearing and seeing a demonstration.  After this training, you will know how to get help for the Total Eclipse Software.  After taking this training, if you would like to continue training with Teri Gibson, join our Webinar Membership.  You will have the opportunity to develop a solid foundation in using the Total Eclipse Software.  This Webinar Membership will allow you to learn and also request specific training that can be added to the Webinar Membership for the Total Eclipse Software.

If you decide to join the Webinar Membership, accept the offer which directs you to the Discounted Webinar Membership.  This discount only applies to those who have signed up and paid for Session 1.  The offer can only be seen in the course for Session 1.

Total Eclipse Foundation Training:  10 sessions with the trainer.  One-on-one training, course platform and coaching.

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Course Contents

2 Videos
2 Texts
1.0 hr