Webinar Membership - Total Eclipse Training with Teri!

Introductory Trainings - Topical | taught by Teri Gibson

Course description

The Eclipse Webinar Membership is for users of the Eclipse CAT Software. 
 This membership will allow you to develop a firm foundation in order 
to use the Eclipse CAT Software efficiently!

This membership can also be a refresher course and a way to obtain CEUs for NCRA members.

We started this membership with V7 and training has been added to update what is new in the Eclipse CAT Software to the current version. 

This training is for stenographers and voice writers for a foundation in using the Total Eclipse Software.  An overview is given for working with the dictionary for stenography.   In-depth training for translation, editing and improving translation is for stenographers, and is provided in one-on-one training or Topic Chosen by the Student.

(Note:  No refunds or coupon codes available once you sign up and make your payment.  It's recommended that you review all information regarding this Eclipse Webinar Membership.  To have the latest information about discounts, get on the Total Eclipse Foundation Training Email list.  (Click here.)

Contact for details:  info@gibsonskilldevelopment.com

Teri Gibson
Teri Gibson
Court Reporter and Trainer

Gibson Skill Development and Training Center LLC

Teri Gibson,  RPR, CRR, CRC, CRI
Professional Court Reporter

Teri Gibson began her career as a  Certified Shorthand Reporter and began her profession as a Freelance Court Reporter in 1981.  The shorthand skill that she used is called stenography.  She has worked as a Court Reporter, CART Provider/CART Captioner and Total Eclipse Trainer.   

Through the years, the technology of the Total Eclipse Software has continued to improve and has allowed Court Reporters to work also as a CART Provider (also known as CART Captioner).  In 2001, she expanded her services to include CART Captions as a CART Provider for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

In 2016, she saw a need for basic training and became an Authorized Total Eclipse Trainer and created a program to give students an opportunity to create a strong foundation using the Total Eclipse Software. 

Teri Gibson has used the Total Eclipse  Software as a Court Reporter in the Federal Court, State Court, and deposition reporting.  As a CART Captioner, she has also used the Total Eclipse Software as a CART Captioner in Superior Court, community events, church services, funerals, colleges, universities, etc.

This trainer will help you build a firm foundation using the Total Eclipse Software, so that you can produce transcripts efficiently, on an expedited basis and daily copy.  You will learn how to use Connection Magic in the Total Eclipse Software and learn how to work in teams using the Total Eclipse Software.

Teri Gibson, Total Eclipse Instructor

Course Curriculum

Session 1 - Webinar Membership - Eclipse Training with Teri!
How to use this course FREE PREVIEW
Webinar Training - Help - Visualizers - Support FREE PREVIEW
Video: Foundation Training: Help-Visualizers-Support
Session 1 Survey
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Session 2 - Foundation Training: Launching Total Eclipse, Quick Start Guide, Creating Users
Launching Total Eclipse, Quick Start Guide, Creating Users FREE PREVIEW
Video: Launch-quickstart-User
Session 2 Survey
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Session 3 - Foundation Training: Menus & Toolbars - Dialog Boxes - File Types
Overview: Menus & Toolbars - Dialog Boxes -File Types FREE PREVIEW
Video: Menus & Toolbars, Dialog Boxes, File types
Session 3 Survey
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Session 4 - Foundation Training: Info Bar Expanded - Let's Talk about CART and Settings
Info Bar & Let's Talk CART FREE PREVIEW
Video: Info Bar & Let's Talk CART!
Session 4 Survey
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Session 5 - Foundation Training: File Manager, Setting up User and User Settings, Converting a Dictionary
File Manager, Setting Up a User, User Settings and Converting a Dictionary FREE PREVIEW
Video: File Manager, Setting Up a User, User Settings, and Converting a Dictionary
Session 5 Survey
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Session 6 - Foundation Training: Refined Searching
Refining Searches FREE PREVIEW
Video: ET-6 Refining Searches
Session 6 Survey
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Session 7 - Foundation Training: Editing Tips
Video: Total Eclipse Training - Editing Tips
Session 7 Survey
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Session 8 - Foundation Training: Title page and Certificate page - Fill in the blanks
Title and Certificate pages - Fill in the blanks. FREE PREVIEW
Video: Certificate and Title Page - Fill in Blanks
Session 8 Survey
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Session 9 - Foundation Training: Indepth Visualizer Training
Indepth Visualizer Training FREE PREVIEW
Video: Indepth Visualizer Training
Session 9 Survey
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Session 10 - Foundation Training: Global Suggestions
Editing Tip: Global Suggestions FREE PREVIEW
Video: Global Suggestions
Session 10 Survey
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Session 11 - Foundation Training: Info Bar with Virtual Realtime
Info Bar
Video: Info Bar in Virtual Realtime
Session 11 Survey
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Session 12 - Bonus Video: Challenge of CART in a Group Setting - Demonstration of Editing - User Settings and File Types
Video: Challenge of CART
Challenges of CART - Editing - User Settings - File Types
Session 12 - Bonus Video Survey
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Supplementary Training - What's New! V8 & V9
Total Eclipse Webinar Training - Held 6/7/19: Editing Organization, Demonstration of Editing, and Auto-briefs FREE PREVIEW
6/7/17 Video
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