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Interactive Bible Study & Prayer | taught by Teri Gibson, Christian Life Coach
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Teri Gibson, Christian Life Coach
Teri Gibson, Christian Life Coach
Crossword Puzzle Designer

About the instructor

Enjoy crosswords puzzles that challenge your knowledge of the Bible and also allow you to learn about the Christian Lifestyle.  Join our Crossword Puzzle mailing list to get new crossword puzzle announcements.

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Teri Gibson is a Certified Professional Life Coach and Certified Christian Life Coach. 

We look forward to developing crossword puzzles that will intrigue, bring smiles and laughter.  This is for those who love words, crossword, and search puzzles.  

Whenever we interact with words, there is an opportunity for transformation in the way we think and perceive our life.  The crossword puzzles are formatted like a working journal.  You will have the word list, scripture reference, and commentary to guide you before you work on the puzzle. 

You can get to know your crossword designer!  

Visit her Facebook page called tgWordMinisty or Fresh Step for a Lifetime

On the Facebook pages, you will see her teaching Sunday School classes, sharing reflections and encouraging words.

- Teaching can be seen on this platform as @tgWordMinistry.


Email:  info@gibsonskilldevelopment.com


We will publish a Spiritual Mindfulness Crossword & Search book.   The print book will be available on Amazon.  Once published, you will be notified.

Spiritual Mindfulness Crossword Puzzles Membership:
Download puzzles created for the youth and young adults.  Puzzles that give an encouraging word and crossword puzzles and that entertain the mind, soul, and spirit.

Contact us to create your unique puzzles that can be used at gatherings online and in person!  Crossword and Word Search puzzles can be used to entertain your group during transitions in your event or program.  We can create a puzzle that relates to your theme, to re-enforce your mission, and vision!

Crossword and Word Search puzzles are a great way to build vocabulary, learn new words, and confidence in reading.

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Course Contents

1 Survey
1 Text
6.0 hrs

Course Curriculum

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