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What is a Christian Lifestyle Coach?

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This is a Transformation Life Coaching Program.  We use the scriptures of the Bible for our principles.  The focus is on living "The Good Life," according to what God has established for mankind.  We start with the book of Deuteronomy.  We see how God loves the children of Israel and plans for their deliverance.  We can see the love that God has for the children of Israel is the same love that he has for us today.  

In order for the children of Israel to go into the Promised Land, they had to have a mindset change and prepare for the Promised Land.  You will watch and hear through the Biblical scriptures, Moses as he speaks to the children of Israel.  You will learn how to change your mindset and prepare for your Promised Land!

This is an ongoing course to challenge you as you are making goals.  Content will be added every month regarding motivation for health and wellness, mindset change, meal planning, and reflection exercises.



You will be invited to individual or group coaching sessions at a discounted rate.  The focus will be on having a "Good Life".  We will have a discussion about setting goals to improve your life.

Group coaching - minimum of 6 people:  $45 per person - 1.5 hours. 

Individualized Group Coaching.  This is coaching created for your group.  We provide PowerPoint, videos for content, and coaching at your location or by Zoom Meeting.  Contact us for details.

Individual coaching:  

Contact coach to arrange a Strategy Coaching Session.

Teri Gibson

Teri Gibson

Professional Certified Life Coach

Teri Gibson is a Certified Professional Life Coach and Certified Christian Life Coach. 

Your instructor is looking forward to working with you, helping you make the changes you want in order to walk in your Divine Purpose.  You have a life to live and as you are out in the world, there are skills you will need to help you with your core values, mindset, and transformation.  All our life coaching sessions are geared toward helping you with questions to help you make decisions that will help you make the change you desire in your life.  We use books, journals, strategy sessions, and membership programs to help in the process of transformation.  

You can get to know your instructor!  

Visit her Facebook page called tgWordMinisty or Fresh Step for a Lifetime

On the Facebook pages, you will see her teaching Sunday School classes, sharing reflections and encouraging words. 
- Teaching can be seen on this platform as @tgWordMinistry.

Course Contents

2 Videos

3 Texts

30.0 hrs

Course Curriculum

Welcome to the Good Life Membership

Good Life - Journal Reflection 1 - Dedication