Teri Gibson

What is a Christian Lifestyle Coach?

Learn about the role of the Christian Lifestyle Coach/Christian Life Coach.

Teri Gibson, Coach and Trainer

"Your Transformation Journal"

In your quiet time, write down your reflections and spiritual insights from your Life Coaching sessions. "Transformation begins in the coaching session," by Teri C. Gibson. You will have 30 days access to downloading this product.

Teri Gibson


Christian Lifestyle Coaching for the following: Mindset change, motivation, health & fitness. $99

Teri Gibson

BONUS: Dependent on God's Mercy

Join the class - We are dependent upon the Mercy of God.

Teri Gibson

30-Day Planner

30-Day Planner for 2019. It takes 21 days to form a new habit. Stay on course for 21 days and you will be transformed. Price includes shipping and handling charges.

Teri Gibson, Christian Life Coach
$19.99 / year

Spiritual Mindfulness Crossword Puzzles

Enjoy crossword puzzles that challenge your knowledge of the Bible and also allow you to learn about the Christian Lifestyle. New puzzles posted weekly! Encouraging Word Videos by Minster Teri Gibson Membership: $19.99 monthly